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About RESTORE Center for Endometriosis

Welcome to RESTORE Center for Endometriosis, a compassionate and cutting-edge facility dedicated to the comprehensive treatment of endometriosis. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, we understand the profound impact that endometriosis can have on women's lives.

We believe in the power of community and connection. We've been there, we understand, and we are here to offer support and solidarity to every patient who walks through our doors. Our commitment to empathy and paying it forward drives everything we do, ensuring that no one faces endometriosis alone.


Restore Endo Mission

Our Mission

At RESTORE Center for Endometriosis, our mission is simple yet profound: to provide personalized, effective, and lasting root cause treatment for those battling with endometriosis. Dr. Patrick Yeung, our esteemed founder and lead surgeon, brings a deeply personal connection to his work, driven by his wife's own journey with endometriosis and its effect on her fertility.

Expertise & Experience

With over 15 years of dedicated practice and over 4000 cases, Dr. Yeung is a leading expert in endometriosis treatment. He has garnered a national and international reputation for excellence through his high volume of patients and surgeries, patient testimonials, and publications and data demonstrating proven  expertise in the field and superior outcomes.

Dr Yeung

Our Approach:

Best Possible Outcomes for Patients

We take immense pride in our exceptional outcomes, with a focus on long-term success and patient's improved quality of life. Unlike traditional approaches that may rely on long-term suppression without removal of the disease, our approach to treatment is to address the root cause, prioritizing tangible results and lasting relief.

We are driven by data and results, with a commitment to addressing unexplained infertility and achieving tangible outcomes that matter. Our approach transcends mere symptom management, delving deep to uncover root cause issues and provide meaningful solutions. We understand that surgery is not the end game; it is an often missed and critical  step towards restored health, improved quality of life and improved - often recurring- fertility.

One and Done Surgery

One and Done Surgery

RESTORE Center for Endometriosis specializes in Optimal Excision by LAPEX  (Laparoscopic Excision) Surgery, a groundbreaking approach that represents a paradigm shift in endometriosis treatment. Our emphasis on this approach stems from our firm belief that every patient deserves the opportunity for comprehensive treatment in a single surgery, minimizing the need for additional procedures and maximizing outcomes. With a low 2.5% rate of repeat surgeries in 10 years, we offer the possibility of comprehensive and enduring treatment to patients with endometriosis. 

Fertility Focused

We recognize the profound impact that endometriosis can have on fertility, and we are committed to supporting our patients through every step of their journey. Our approach is rooted in empathy and understanding, as we offer personalized guidance and treatment options tailored to each individual's needs and goals.

RESTORE Center for Endometriosis is dedicated to providing unparalleled expertise, compassionate care, and lasting solutions for those battling with endometriosis. Together, we can restore hope, health, and vitality.

Take Control of Your Health:

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