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2 min read

Enhancing Quality of Life: Treating Deep Retraction Pockets in Endometriosis

Learn how addressing deep retraction pockets in endometriosis can improve quality of life for patients.

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1 min read

Understanding Endometriosis in Adolescents: Insights from Dr. Patrick Yeung

Discover Dr. Yeung's valuable insights into the prevalence, treatment options, and importance of early detection of endometriosis in adolescents.

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1 min read

One Surgery Solution: Endometriosis Treatment and Appendectomy

Discover how combining endometriosis treatment with appendectomy can provide a one-surgery solution for patients suffering from pelvic pain.

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3 min read

Optimal Excision: Endometriosis Treatment in Teens Without Prolonged Suppression

Understanding the Importance of Optimal Excision in Teenagers Dr. Patrick Yeung's study on Complete Excision in Teenagers provides valuable insights...

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