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How We Stand out for Endo Care

Compassionate Care

At our practice, we strive to foster a sense of community through shared experiences. Dr. Patrick Yeung, our founder and lead surgeon, brings a personal connection to the condition that fuels our commitment to delivering unmatched expertise and compassionate care.

Root Cause Approach

We go beyond symptom management and bypassing fertility issues, to focusing on root cause treatment. In doing so, 97.5% of patients in 10 years do not require further surgery. This One-and-Done Surgery result represents a paradigm shift in treatment of endometriosis. We are committed to combining the best of optimal excision with the best of adhesion prevention for best outcomes for patients..

Focus on Results

Our emphasis is on achieving tangible outcomes that matter to patients, backed by data and research, so that our patients are empowered to reclaim their health and vitality. Outcomes such as improved quality of life, improved sexual functioning, recurring fertility, with a very low rate of repeat surgery have all been shown with treatment approach at RESTORE Center for Endometriosis.

Fertility Empowerment

We are committed to fertility preservation or improvement for those that want to start or grow a family, and tot, eliminate the need for post-operative hormonal suppression, allowing individuals to plan their families on their own terms.

When Dr. Yeung and his wife Dorothy experienced the devastating loss of fertility from endo, he knew he was called to treat this disease in a focused way, eradicating it wherever it is found in the human body.

He has dedicated his entire professional medical career to the exclusive treatment of endometriosis - a condition that robs women of their fertility and ability to function normally. Because of his personal experience with the disease coupled with his extensive expertise treating it, there is no one more committed or qualified to giving you your life and fertility back than Dr. Yeung. He is truly on a mission to restore your life, fertility and health.

Dr Yeung family

Praise for RESTORE Center for Endometriosis

"Dr. Patrick Yeung is an extraordinary surgeon as well as a thoughtful listener. It is because of them that I am on the path of health and wholeness. I am forever grateful."
Crystal Koch
"Dr. Yeung is an amazing surgeon. For endometriosis he knows his stuff and will give your life back. Don’t waste years and money with other doctors as I did for poor quality of life...The staff was all super helpful and amazing to me."
Jennifer Ngo
Dr. Yeung's approach to treating my endometriosis and infertility was an absolute game changer. He was the only doctor in town, I could find, who offered a path forward that was truly right for me and in my best interests. I'm exceedingly grateful for his excellent care!"
Olivia Sell

Restore your Health. Restore Your Life. 

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