One & Done Surgery:

The New Gold Standard

Patient Outcomes
What is Endometriosis

Very Good News For Endometriosis Patients

Dr. Patrick Yeung has devoted his professional life to setting women free from the debilitating pain and suffering that endometriosis causes. He uses the latest in medical technology to surgically remove all of the visible disease, and prevents the organs from adhering to each other (adhesions)  after surgery. The outcomes that  Dr. Patrick Yeung Jr. MD has experienced over the past 15 years have been phenomenal. Focusing on optimal excision surgery for endometriosis treatment on over 4,000 cases, the result for most patients has been a one-and-done surgery. After analyzing 10 years worth of patient data, the rate of repeat surgery  was a staggering low 2.5%. But the best news of all, especially for women who dream of starting a family and giving birth, is that fertility in patients with endometriosis, after surgical and also non-surgical optimization, can be restored  with up to 70% of women getting pregnant in 1-2 years following surgery.

What Are Outcomes?

In order for surgeons to know whether their treatment is effective, they must measure outcomes as reported by their patients. Some common clinical outcomes that are measured are as follows:

  1. Mortality (did the patient die as a result of the surgery or disease?)
  2. Postoperative complications (were there other problems caused to the patient after surgery?) 
  3. Rate of repeat surgery or rate and recurrence of the disease itself
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What Matters Most To The Patient

Dr. Yeung likes the acronym P.O.E.M. which stands for:
Patient Outcomes Evidence that Matters.
In his experience, here is what matters most to his patients:

  • Restored Quality of Life and Pain-Free Living
    Restored Fertility and Rate of Pregnancy
    Restored Sexual Functioning
    Restored Health
    One-And-Done Surgery with Low Rate of Repeat Surgery

These outcomes matter because they are the only outcomes that truly indicate conquering this disease and ultimately winning the battle with the effects of endometriosis.

One-And-Done Surgery

The longstanding approach to treating the symptoms of endometriosis has been to induce a state of chemical pregnancy or chemical menopause, by tricking the body into thinking it was pregnant or stopping the production of estrogen from the level of the brain.  Either way,  menstrual periods could be avoided altogether or the endometriosis lesions could be activated less or suppressed. The reality though, is that long- term hormonal suppression has not been shown to have prevent recurrence or progression of the actual disease.

Treating endometriosis with only one surgery is a paradigm shift for the medical world. Most women who are treated for endometriosis, which is painful enough, find that treatment involves multiple surgeries, followed by prescription of hormones or drugs. Our philosophy is: There is a better way to treat endo where the disease is treated with a single surgery, and that’s it - you're done. And with an exceptionally low rate of repeat surgery (just 2.5% in 10 years) the one-and-done surgery to treat endo for life can be new reality for most women.

Patient Stories

Restoring your Natural Fertility

Infertility with endometriosis treatment has been commonplace for decades. A very common way to treat endometriosis is to perform a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). But this destroys any chance for women who dream of one day getting pregnant. And in cases where endometriosis had reached advanced stages, pregnancy is thought only possible through painful and expensive procedures like in vitro Fertilization (IVF), and bypass the underlying problem altogether and often leave patients in persistent or worsening pain (for the hormones used in stimulation protocols that can activate endometriosis lesions)

Patient data in our 10-year database plus the testimonies of many women testify that natural fertility, often recurring fertility, is possible or common after the type of treatment or surgery offered at RESTORE Center for Endometriosis, without the use of IVF or sometimes after IVF has failed. 

Getting Your Life Back

As many as 90% of our patients have reported an improvement to quality of life. This is, to us, one of the most motivational outcomes found in our data. Women who were in pain and agony are being transformed and able to get their life back, get their marriage back, get their happiness back, get their freedom back, get their fertility back, and that is a big part of why we do what we do. 

In conclusion, our experience of 15 years has shown that this treatment is effective for the outcomes that matter to women. We are here to  “pay it forward” by offering the potential of one-and-done surgery for endometriosis by combining the best of optimal excision and adhesion prevention for fertility, pain, and quality of life.

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