Patient Testimonials
"Dr. Patrick Yeung is an extraordinary surgeon as well as a thoughtful listener. It is because of them that I am on the path of health and wholeness. I am forever grateful."
Crystal Koch
"Dr. Yeung is fantastic and the surgery he did for my endometriosis was life changing."
Lisa Watson
“Dr. Yeung's approach to treating my endometriosis and infertility was an absolute game changer. He was the only doctor in town, I could find, who offered a path forward that was truly right for me and in my best interests. I'm exceedingly grateful for his excellent care!"
Olivia Sell
"Dr. Yeung is an amazing surgeon. For endometriosis he knows his stuff and will give your life back. Don’t waste years and money with other doctors as I did for poor quality of life. The staff was all super helpful and amazing to me."
Jennifer Ngo
“I cannot praise or thank Dr Yeung enough!”
Alicia Magsamen
"Dr. Yeung gave me my life back!"
Amanda Muschler
“My quality of life and level of pain drastically improved after recovery of my procedure June 2019. I truly felt heard and empowered after this entire process. I highly recommend Dr. Yeung to anyone struggling with endometriosis (or needing gold standard diagnosis). He is thorough at removing all abnormal spots in the most effective way. Loved that he had my mother record everything he said so I could listen to it later. I had really kind, helpful nurses post-operatively as well.
Cecilia Winter
“I cannot recommend Dr. Yeung enough. I have been in pain for years. He listened to me and took time to explain everything so I could understand. He did a total hysterectomy and endometriosis excision surgery on me four weeks ago. My pain level is already better than it has been in years. He also confirmed interstitial cystitis, which I have long suspected. He gave me answers when nobody else could. Kind, compassionate, an incredible doctor.”
Laura Schoenlaub
“I’ll start off by saying I actually traveled here from Tennessee just to be seen by Dr. Yeung. He gave me real answers for my endometriosis, he performed my surgery as soon as possible, and he got absolutely all of it. I had a hard time getting any doctors around me to take my pain seriously, but he’s different. He will care about you, and he will do something about it. I am so happy I found him. The staff at the clinic is also exceptional! They worked very well with me being out of state, they were all so kind, and very attentive. I could not recommend them more. "
Macey Boyd
"Dr. Yeung changes lives for the better every day. He gives his patients their lives back - I am feeling much better 3.5 weeks out from my last surgery (a thousand thank you’s to you Dr. Yeung) I know two other friends who have had excision surgery from him with great success. In one case he actually saved a friend’s life by finding and removing her stage 4 cancer. He is truly an advocate for women and I’m lucky to call him my doctor."
Christine Brenna
"Dr. Yeung was the first doctor who took my endometriosis symptoms seriously in the 12 years I have been seeing doctors about this. He respected me, treated me with kindness and care and was willing to believe me about my symptoms. He took such good care of me during my surgery, calmed me down before the surgery and taught me about endo. Because he took me seriously, he confirmed that I did in fact have stage 2 endometriosis for the past at least 12 years. My surgery with him was clean, smooth, and everything that could be endo was removed! Not everyone's symptoms improve immediately, but I woke up without lower back pain for the first time in at least 5 years! I'm already seeing a vast improvement in urinary issues, bowel issues, and pain with intercourse. No matter what happens with fertility down the road, I am so grateful that he cared about my quality of life, and was willing to help me. Before my surgery he told me "I'm going to take care of you like you were one of my own" and he really did. Thank you Dr. Yeung! "
Rose Wallace
“Dr. Yeung is an AMAZING surgeon!! I thank God for him and his team. After suffering for 20 years with abdominal pain, chronic bowel issues, and misdiagnosed with PCOS, I am finally free fron the Endometriosis that was ruling my life. I was diagnosed with stage four advanced Endometriosis in May, and my OBGYN referred me ... Dr. Yeung is very thorough, he spent five hours in surgery to ensure that he got every bit of the endo from my pelvic cavity, even to the point of opening up an ovary to get at the endo cysts inside (and putting it back together again!) He took time to ensure there was little to no possibility of adhesion (internal scarring), and I am now happily endo free and healthier than I have EVER been!! My husband and I are gratefully looking forward to the possibility of having children. Thank God for Dr. Yeung ... They are so helpful and truly desire the best for every patient...."
Hailey Hall

Patient Stories

6 min read

My End of Endo by Jen Pav

I don’t know what you’re dealing with…but if you’re anything like me, you’re probably scared and in pain. You feel like you’re going crazy, and maybe you just want to give up. You probably feel so...
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Mary's Story: Excision Procedure Ends Years of Endometriosis Pain and Infertility

From the time she was a teen, Mary struggled with monthly pelvic pain. As an adult, she was unable to get pregnant. Surgical ablation failed to treat Mary’s endometriosis. But SLUCare OB/GYN Dr....
4 min read

Conquering Endo by Brittany Pierson

It can be so scary and defeating living with endometriosis. There is so much pain, grief, loneliness, and shame as you battle it day in and day out. You can feel so lost at times as there are more...
9 min read

Saved My Life by Lauren Rogerson

My name is Lauren, and I am from Canada's smallest province, Prince Edward Island. I am now 22 and healthy, but that wasn't always the case. By the grace of God, I found Dr. Yeung, and it is thanks to...
1 min read

Got My Life Back by Syndee Hughes

Before I found Dr. Yeung, I spent two years full of pain, sickness, debilitating symptoms, looked like I was 4 months pregnant all the time, and it effected every aspect of my life; my relationship...
4 min read

No More Endo by Catherine Fulford

For 8ish years I was told by countless gynecologists that my non-existent periods and excruciating “period pain” were part of being a woman and that I had nothing wrong with me. Unfortunately, I just...

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