Optimal Excision by LAPEX

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Your health and fertility matters.
Your quality of life matters.

And these things that matter so much can only be truly restored by removing the ROOT cause of the problem. A diagnosis of endometriosis doesn’t have to mean a life sentence of pelvic pain and infertility. It doesn’t have to come with the costs and side effects of long-term medication or IVF, either.

Your health, fertility, and quality of life can be restored with Optimal Excision by LAPEX (Laparoscopic Excision).

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What is Optimal Excision by LAPEX?

Optimal Excision by LAPEX is a minimally invasive surgical process of removing ALL the tissue that is suspected to be endometriosis, in whatever form - including subtle and atypical, and wherever found. LAPEX stands for Laparoscopic Excision, meaning the excision surgery is performed using a laparoscope (also known as 'keyhole surgery') — a slender surgical tool with a light and video camera on the end.

The procedure removes the affected tissue without harming the healthy organs nearby.

Why Optimal Excision is a Better Option Than Other Methods


A one-and-done surgery to remove the cause of the problem is almost always better than medicating the symptoms to mask the problem. And Optimal Excision by LAPEX has an exceptionally low — 2.5% — rate of repeat surgery in 10 years (study performed at Saint. Louis University, in process of publication).

Restore Natural Fertility

Removing the endometriosis can actually restore your natural fertility, allowing you to get pregnant without going through IVF treatment. The data shows that 70% of women who want to get pregnant are able to do so within 1-2 years after Optimal Excision.

Avoid Surgical Menopause

Even if fertility isn’t the goal, with Optimal Excision, you can avoid surgical menopause. Removing the uterus to improve midline pain or bleeding issues, but keeping your ovaries means theres no need to take hormone for suppression after the procedure to get rid of the endometriosis, nor even to take hormone replacement since you will still be producing your own natural hormone.

Improved Quality of Life

Up to 90% of women report an improved, pain-free quality of life once the endometriosis has been removed with Optimal Excision.

Common Questions about Optimal Excision

Restore your Health. Restore Your Life. 

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Optimal Excision Surgery Testimonials

"Dr. Patrick Yeung is an extraordinary surgeon as well as a thoughtful listener. It is because of them that I am on the path of health and wholeness. I am forever grateful."
Crystal Koch
"Dr. Yeung is an amazing surgeon. For endometriosis he knows his stuff and will give your life back. Don’t waste years and money with other doctors as I did for poor quality of life...The staff was all super helpful and amazing to me."
Jennifer Ngo
Dr. Yeung's approach to treating my endometriosis and infertility was an absolute game changer. He was the only doctor in town, I could find, who offered a path forward that was truly right for me and in my best interests. I'm exceedingly grateful for his excellent care!"
Olivia Sell