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We hope to create a community of support and inspiration for patients with endometriosis to receive optimal care for this disease

At RESTORE Center For Endometriosis, a core aspect of our mission is empowering women with knowledge and education about endometriosis, enabling them to advocate for improved care and make well-informed decisions about their health. Similarly, we are committed to sharing our expertise with the broader medical community, including researchers and practitioners in the field.

Here, you'll discover a wealth of educational materials tailored for both patients and practitioners, along with insights into our ongoing research endeavors focused on endometriosis.

Solving Your Pelvic Pain For Good

When pelvic pain becomes a part of your daily life, the initial stride is pinpointing its source. Our center is dedicated to conducting a thorough diagnostic assessment for girls and women grappling with intricate pelvic pain conditions, including endometriosis.

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Treatment Options for Endometriosis

Every woman enduring endometriosis and pelvic pain warrants top-notch care. Our center focuses on root cause treatment of endometriosis and collaborates an extensive array of treatment modalities, starting with advanced laparoscopic excision surgery and other adjunctive therapies, nutritional guidance, and functional medicine.

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Care Before, During, and After Endometriosis Treatment

Although specialized surgery is pivotal in addressing endometriosis, attaining optimal health often necessitates ongoing post-treatment care. Our center offers a unique service of complimentary patient support and follow-up care to facilitate your recovery journey post-surgery.

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Understanding the Reality of Living with Endometriosis

Dr. Yeung strips away the medical jargon to offer a candid perspective on the lived experience of endometriosis. Share this article with loved ones to foster better understanding and support.

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Endometriosis Treatment

If you want to begin your healing journey and make endometriosis a thing from your past, this  section of the website is where you'll want to go next.

Fertility & Endometriosis

A Special focus of RESTORE Center For Endometriosis is fertility.  Learn how Dr. Yeung is proving the status quo to be false, and that pregnancy is possible.

Read Patient Stories 

Sometimes, the courage to fight life's toughest battles comes from listening to the people who have been through what you're going through.