Financial Investment

Paying for Treatement

What is the cost of treatment and does RESTORE Center for Endometriosis accept insurance?

These are very important questions  that we at RESTORE Center for Endometriosis are very sensitive to. 

We offer the following considerations:

  1. THERE IS A COST to a ROOT CAUSE approach to endometriosis committed to complete removal of the disease, and optimization of the anatomy that requires time and specialized techniques. The goal of the surgery is to NOT have to rely on postoperative hormonal suppression, to lead to recurring fertility, or to achieve one-and-done surgery.
  2. There is an UPFRONT charge from RESTORE Center for Endometriosis to the patient for the surgery, though we have been careful to keep this charge AFFORDABLE, especially as compared to other Centers of Endometriosis.
  3. The upfront charge to the patient can be REDUCED by OUT-OF-NETWORK reimbursement by insurance directly to the patient (this applies also to in-office services) and after insurance deductibles have been met; all hospital related charges are usually covered by in-network insurance benefits.
  4. Surgery, often one-and-done, is COST-EFFECTIVE when compared to the cost of long-term hormonal suppression, IVF or artificial technologies or repeated surgeries.

Endometriosis as a disease requires a surgeon who is completely focused on removing it, and patients with endometriosis deserve a surgeon fully committed to serving them.

Medical paperwork

RESTORE Center for Endmetriosis is Out-of-Network

Since RESTORE is an out of network practice, treatment options are not determined by insurance companies, and Dr. Yeung is able to provide comprehensive, individualized treatment for each unique patient. 

Dr. Yeung's surgical fees are estimated in advance based on the anticipated complexity of the surgery. This is typically determined by exam and pre-operative imaging, along with any other surgical records a patient may provide during the initial consult. 

We are happy to answer any billing questions that arise with each patient, as each case is unique. Costs for care are paid directly to RESTORE prior to surgery or at the time of consult, but may then be submitted to insurance by the patient for possible reimbursement. Please contact us for more information on this option. 

Want to Learn More?

For more information about our fees and what to expect from your insurance plan, schedule a call with our surgery coordinator by calling (314) 970-1040.